Now what…

It’s crazy how life seems to trick you into thinking…. everything is awesome!

And, it’s really not life’s fault because – it doesn’t make decisions. It doesn’t decide what road you are going to take… it doesn’t decide to have the beef instead of the chicken, it didn’t decide if you were wearing a skirt or dress… you did.

We make our choices.

Everything surrounding life is our distraction. Friends, family, work….etc.

But their comes a point where something, someone, changes…. and your life that you had all figured out.,. Comes to a halt.

Now what? I didn’t have a Plan B.

Whether this be with the end of a friendship, a job, a relationship.

What do I do now?

Like the little fidget gadget had a start, you restart it again.

Sometimes it maybe a spiritual jolt of energy that we need. A new haircut, a new outfit…a new person of interest.

Sometimes, it all comes down to, coming back “home”. Home to yourself.


I looked into the mirror today and thought, “I never noticed my brown eyes…” and the more I stared, I felt a smile coming on. I kind of chuckled… and for once said to myself: “You have pretty eyes.”

The next thing I knew… I started to cry.

What happened to me? Why have I never made it a point to really get to know the inner me?

What else have I overlooked?

That’s where my new adventure will start… “Hi, my name is Toni”… I looked in the mirror again, and brushed my hair from my face…”Nice to meet me”…

To be continued…

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