Oh! You should’ve been there!

It’s true, many people prefer the “taking in the moment”…. visually, emotionally, and mentally.  I am all about that as well.  There will be moments, that I see a sunset, a sunrise, that I just “breathe it all in”.  Those are amazing and priceless, and rarely does a camera really “relay” with exactness that moment in all its glory.

There are, however, those tender little moments, where a baby takes their first steps, or giggled in a full belly mode, or has her first taste of a slice of lemon … where our hearts just melt, or we are forced to grab Kleenex because the moment has us laughing uncontrollably.  Moments later, as we are video chatting with family, we try to relay the moment to others.  If you are a great story teller – well, the point gets across. Mission accomplished – everyone is crying and laughing, and sharing in the moment.

But, if you are like me, all we can do, after we failed to transmit the feeling, is just say, “Oh, you should have BEEN THERE!”  Clear my throat… and move on.

That’s where the having a camera/smart phone handy, and ready to go – comes in handy.  Whether you take the picture, or you take a video (most ideally) then it’s as easy as setting up the intro with the words… “Oh my goodness, you HAVE to see what she did today!!!”   Hit play, or start scrolling through the pictures.

fuhgeddaboudit…wait… DON’T!

At first this was a hard habit to develop. I’d go through moments and then be like, “Awwwwwwwww! I should have taken a picture?!”  And the moment passed.  Or when I did think about running for my camera -I had no batteries or in this modern day… my smartphone was dead. “Oh, well.”  I’d shrug and move on.

Until I started to really “feel” these moments.  I obviously lived them, but “out of sight, out of mind”, came into play.  Sometimes when other people would relate the story, and would ask me to give my input I was “fuzzy” and then as the story progressed, and we would start laughing and the “Oh YEAH… resurfaced, my heart would “re-feel” if you will, the moment.

So I did made it a point to change the “norm”.  I tried to look at each moment, as a possible event that would either make me  laugh, or even make me cry.  I took pictures.  Some, were meh… can’t lie.  I would go through the albums and about 6 out of 10 I would deleted.  But as I “edited” the photograph, I relived that precise moment.

Example  :  Every time I look back at this picture I grin from ear to ear…and once my imagination recreates the moment in my mind, I laugh uncontrollably as I re-tell the story.

“Remember the time Maye and Erica were trying to just get their feet wet?”

I describe to you my visit to Monterey Bay, and the waves! Countless, majestic waves!  In your mind, “Okay, well that is normal, that is what the waves do, there is nothing out of the ordinary about that”.   Behind the scenes spoiler for the picture below –  this beautiful moment when the wave pounded against the rock! Lucky shot? No… about 108 frames later… I found the ONE shot.  But NOW as I look at this picture, I remember, the salty splash of water that resonated against on my face, and made me loose my breath with every crash against the rocks creating a deep, full, reverberating sound.  I remember that I  squatted anticipating each wave…for about twenty minutes  and my legs fell asleep.  But it was so worth it!!  Afterwards, I looked like an idiot hopping on each leg trying to get the blood circulating.

But if show you the picture, you actually understand my emphasis of how beautiful and how amazing it was.  If you have a good imagination, you could probably feel the salt on your face.

“It was so amazing to sit there on the beach, because as I sat there, I saw the most beautiful waves crashing against the rocks.”

So by now you get the point….taking pictures will help preserve those memories longer, whether it was a sunset, or a flower that stood out more than the usual, due to its imperfect surroundings, enhancing its beauty even more…

No matter how silly you feel taking a picture, it’s the memory that is preserved, that later in meaningless chatter you can relive the moments… “remember when the subway took off and Toni fell on that unsuspecting victim?  How she couldn’t shut up and the guy just got off the subway, on the next exit?”  The story makes you laugh, but had there been a picture, well, that would be a whole lot funnier!

So “click” away… share the moment that keeps on giving!


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