Making my way through life

I don’t know about you – but I really live a busy life.  I am always…go-go-go!  Some days that is a good thing because of the fact that your day flies by! When I least expect it I look down and see that it’s 5:00 PM already?!?!?

I know I shouldn’t complain if I never feel a day drag.  But, I sometimes feel like the day has control over me, instead of me having control of the day.  Wishful thinking, I guess. But, all I can do is just shrug it off, roll my eyes, and move on, because there is no complete control of all things – despite our attempts.

We can however, do little things we do can bring our spirits up, to help us feel in control again. As simple as stepping back and enjoying what’s in front of you.  At this moment, the in front of me happens to be my computer.  “What is so good about that?”

I am glad you ask.  Because at this moment, I am giving you insight into my mind and later into my heart.  Hence the name of my website “Between thoughts and feelings”.  I know you may or may not agree with much on these pages, but its purpose is not to change the world, but just trying to bring a smile to someone’s heart.

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